Follow on from Life Shifters introduction…

You may have seen Brett on a Gold Coast postcard. He is tanned, relaxed, smiling. Yeah, that guy. From his work he can see, breathe and smell the ocean. He surfs, saunters around in tread-thin pluggers and kicks back to take in the salty sea air. It is a life dream – well, it certainly is mine.

Making the climate change from Melbourne to Queensland, Brett found his sunshine state feet living with my husband and I for six months, providing us with a red-wine loving, cheese-eating, golf-playing flatmate.

After six months Brett left Brisbane in search of a better tan and landed at the Gold Coast. This move made his shift across borders and lifestyles complete. He had left behind a job in advertising that couldn’t quite whet is appetite and now finds himself making coffees in the chillaxed surrounds of Borough on Burleigh’s Esplanade.

This Life Shifter is now living his dream. Via email Brett explained his story.

Brett, what was the catalyst for your shift to warmer climates?

Great friends (you and Ryan) came to Melbourne from the sunshine state for a wedding, and made an off the cuff remark that if I wasn’t happy with life in Melbourne, I could come and live ‘temporarily’ with you in Brisbane. I took the remark literally, handed in my resignation the very next day and within 4 weeks I was driving my 1980 Ford Telstar up the Newell Highway. Destination Brisvegas. The car made it and so did I. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Sum up your life on the Goldie.

My daily life revolves around doing one, some or all of the following: swimming in the ocean, surfing, making coffee for people, playing golf, running, more swimming, socialising, and this all happens with the sun shining on my back. What’s not to like?

Do you miss the rat race?

No! I don’t need to consider that for more than a millisecond. My new ‘office’ is within a stone’s throw of Burleigh surf beach. My new ‘suit’ is shorts, t-shirt and most days no shoes.

What do you miss most about Melbourne?

I miss my best mates and family. Just hanging out, doing the usual mundane stuff that you always take for granted. But flights are pretty cheap and I get down there a few times a year so it’s not too bad.

Any words of advice for people wanting a change in life?

Do it! That’s all there is to it. What have you got to lose? If things don’t work out you can always go back to what you were doing before. But just imagine what you could possibly be missing out on by not having a crack at something different!

I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean, but thought that was never going to happen. I thought I was going to be a corporate for life. Now I can’t see myself going back to being a corporate. If I had said to myself three years ago that I’d be typing an email to Suz in my lounge room with the ocean almost lapping at my front door, I would have thought I was dreaming… we can live in interesting times if we choose to!