When your mother was pregnant with you, I wonder what she envisaged. Would she have seen a future for you that is miles apart from where you are now? Would she have minded, in any case? Would she have thought, ‘this thing, this child that grows inside of me, will consume my entire future’? Would she have expected you to face a nuclear war? Was terrorism on her radar? Was global warming a concern as she and her fellow baby boomers led the charge toward consumerism?

I certainly don’t want to favour women over men, so replace your mother with your father  (albeit probably not pregnant with you in his womb).

Today, what do you envisage for your children or future children? What will be the challenges they face?

This article by Catherine Armitage in Fairfax media presents a perspective on the possible life of baby Mia, a newborn. It looks at the likely future population, the evolution of our education system, and credit and debit chips implanted into hands. It highlights tomorrow’s prevalent diseases, and the work that will sustain our population. It’s an interesting read.